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How does the brain develop? It’s similar to how a house is built. Our brain needs a strong foundation, walls and a roof to weather life’s storms. Science tells us that the experiences we have in our childhood actually affects the physical architecture of the developing brain.

We at Brainbow help build a strong foundation and strengthen your child’s brain’s ability to try new things, make mistakes, be confident and resilient with high self-esteem, develop life skills to manage stress, to be kind in a sometimes cruel world. and ambition to achieve great things in life. 

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Emotional Intelligence meets Art

I am on a mission

A mission to share the knowledge I wish I had when I was an anxious, low self esteem, people pleasing child. We will give your child tools to handle stress, anger, perfectionism and negative thoughts and most importantly build a good relationship with themselves.

Our entire blueprint for how we operate in this world is formed by the time we are 7. Our upbringing, experience, words, actions contribute to it.

Our Founding Story

I am Nandhini, the founder and Brain Coach here at Brainbow Kids. I am your child’s mindset transformation coach. I help kids develop the skills, confidence, build resilience, and ability to thrive in life through Storytelling and Art.

I am a certified Emotional Intelligence (ISEI)® Coach and an NLP Kids Practitioner. I bring my professional experience from being a Head of Technology and Architecture in the Oil and Gas industry in educating children and young people in a lively and interactive manner to create an impactful experience. Children will learn valuable life skills such as Improved Social Skills, Better Self-esteem, Responsible Decision Making & Problem Solving, Embracing Change, Creative & Critical Thinking, and many more. Through Brainbow Box we will help them to navigate adolescents by fostering development and engineering growth for a prospective future.

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There's NO Such Thing As A Good or Bad Child... Just A Trained or Untrained Brain

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a coaching tool that has long been applied successfully in the world of business to develop and enhance leadership, rapport building skills, manage change, build self esteem, negotiation, managing conflict and establish a compelling vision for employees.

However these skills are very important for our children too.

We should be our children’s model of excellence. Throughout their childhood we become role models. Skills we want to pass on to them so they are better equipped for the world they live in where we are not by their side to support and protect them.

I am a parent too and I understand that you have this worry although you love your kids more than anything in this world, you struggle to find the time and don’t know where to start when it comes to teaching your children the key principles of good mental health and emotional wellbeing. I have all the tools your child needs and we have packaged it in a form of subscription box.

The future needs intelligent yet creative emotionally stable future leaders.

Therefore we need to foster our children to manage emotions through a fun and easy way to understand.

Our Tagline

Be Happy Through Colours means to Explore you and around you through art. Every human’s ultimate goal is joy and we believe happiness is an inside work and it’s never too early to start.

Designed with Love

Brainbow Kids is a team of real-life parents, art enthusiasts, engineers, educators, and child development professionals with a passion for fostering healthy social, emotional, and behavioral skills in children’s life through fun and engaging creative art.

We passionately innovate, develop and test every project to ensure it is doable and yet challenging enough to foster a growth mindset and problem-solving skills in every child.

With Every Purchase, A Portion Goes Towards Planting Tree Saplings In Borneo. This Is Made Possible By Partnering Up With APE Malaysia’s RAINFOREST for WILDLIFE Initiative.

"Your child will learn the ability to understand, use, and manage their emotions effectively."

Delivered to you

Every month, your child will receive 3 new projects, with all the materials and instructions for hours of hands-on fun and learning and emotional intelligence growth.

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