Terms And Conditions Of Enrolment And Admission - Brainbow Kids

Terms And Conditions Of Enrolment And Admission

We are privileged that you have selected Brainbow Kids (hereinafter referred to as “the Studio’) for your child(ren)’s education. All parents/ guardians are advised to read the terms and conditions governing the admission to the School and the child’s continued enrolment as student of the Studio, as set out herein below.



A parent/guardian intending to enrol his/her child into the Studio must submit the Registration Form, which has been duly, accurately and properly completed.

  1.     PLACEMENT

2.1   The placement of the child in program level is at the absolute discretion of the Studio, which shall generally be determined by various factors, including the child’s age, creativity ability, level of achievement relative to the Studio’s learnings, the child’s behaviour and the Studio’s ability to meet individual additional needs. Will be discussed with parents.

2.2   A child with known behavioural challenges and/or special education needs shall be considered on a case-to-case basis. The parent/guardian of such a child must provide the Studio with detailed information and records prior to making a formal application to ensure that the Studio is in a position to cater to the needs of the child. Should such issues/ needs be discovered at a later date by the parent, the Studio must be informed and provided with records immediately, so that an assessment can be made of whether the Studio can support the child’s needs, if additional support is needed (to be sourced and financed by parents) or if the place is to be withdrawn on the basis of the Studio ‘s inability to meet such needs. Similarly, if the Studio has concerns about behaviour or additional needs of the child, the place at the Studio will be subject to the Studio ‘s assessment and discussion with parents on whether the child’s needs can continue to be met or may require additional support (to be sourced and financed by parents) or be withdrawn on the basis of the Studio’s inability to meet the needs of the child.

  1.     FEE PAYMENT

3.1   Studio fees and other fee charges are collected every month/term in accordance with the School Fees Schedule (available on our website)

3.2   Fees are payable in advance, to be paid on or before 7th of every month.

3.3   Late Fee Payment

A reminder notice will be sent via email for unpaid invoices within the first 5 working days after the Invoice due date.

A final reminder will be sent via email and telephone contact will be made within 10 working days after the Invoice

A late payment charge is imposed on all overdue fees.

3.4   The Studio reserves the right to revise all fees, charges and deposits payable from time to time.


4.1   A parent/guardian may withdraw the child from the School by giving ONE (1) FULL months’ notice, failing which the total fee deposit shall be forfeited. Parents must submit the withdrawal form to the studio admin.

4.2   Deposit can be used to offset the last month payment given Studio has been informed ONE (1) FULL month in advance.

Thank You