Starter Kit - Brainbow Kids

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Starter Kit


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Welcome to the Brainbow Box Journey! Wondering if you are equipped with all the supplies to get started?

We strongly suggest that you get the Brainbow Starter Kit as it is a One-Stop Kit that equips you with all the supplies needed to start creating Arts & Crafts with Brainbow Box.

Brainbow Starter Kit includes:-

1. 2B Pencil

2. Dust Free Eraser

3. Sharpener

4. Scissors

5. Black Art Line Pen

6. Palette

7. Rainbow Brush Set

8. Brush Washing Canister

9. White Glue

10. Strong Glue

11. Rag

12. Watercolour

13. Oil Pastels

14. Pom pom

15. Construction Papers

16. Glitter Foam

17. Magic Pen

Comes with a Storage box that protects the inner items from external influences and allows you to keep them at hand.


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