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All About Me (SuperPower Me)

Recommended Age: 7-15 years old

Each box comes with

  • 3 x Projects and Complete Materials and Tools
  • 3 x Activity Character Building Emotional Intelligence Storytelling
  • 3 x Step by Step Video tutorials
  • 3 x Worksheet (Downloadable) with Video Tutorial
  • 3 x EQ Flyer for Parents
  • 1 Feeling Activity Tools
  • 1 Feeling Character Storytelling
  • 1 Feeling Flyer

Time Taken for 1 Project: 2 hours depending on the detail work done


Self Awareness and Exploring My Personal Power
The goal of this box is to teach your child about building a sense of self-confidence and an inner knowing that they can meet life’s challenges and live the life they choose; To learn about how their brain works from a growth mindset prespective. What causes them to have big emotions and how to manage it.

Brainbow Box combines neuroscience-based coaching services through experiential learning thematic artsy crafty projects and emotional intelligence building storytelling. Children will learn valuable life skills such as Improved Social Skills, Better Self-esteem, Responsible Decision Making & Problem Solving, Embracing Change, Creative & Critical Thinking, and many more.

Each month’s box has a unique theme; in this Box ‘My Story Matters’, your child will learn about Personal Power. They will develop Positive Purpose, learn about their strengths and develop self love. They will also be introduced to Amy – the chimp in their brain.

We also help all children better recognise, understand, label, express & regulate their emotions! In this box, we will be discovering the Feeling Sadness.

This program will make a vital contribution to your child’s life. It will enhance your child’s ability to form stable, supportive relationships and enjoy greater well-being as well as academic performance. Developing a child’s emotional intelligence plays a key role in raising happy, resilient and well-adjusted kids and adults one day.


Topics explored in this box

Art Techniques

  • Self Portrait : Romero Britto
  • Oil Pastel Resist
  • Foam Sheet Crafting
  • Aluminium Foil Printing
  • Mini Accordion Book
  • Molding Air Dry Clay
  • Bubble Letters
  • Foam Sheet Printing
  • Glitter Crafting

Social Emotional Intelligent Skills

  • Strengths Light you Up! I understand what makes me happy. I know what my strengths are. I like the choices I make. I know when I am wrong about something
  • The monkey in my brain. Your mind is made up of both a newer “thinking brain” where logic occurs and an older “emotional brain” responsible for emotional reactions (love, pain, joy etc.). Learn about flipping the lid concept.
  • Leave a Mark, not a scar. Learn about boundaries. Speak the truth, be sincere, be assertive and be kind to yourself and others.

Project 1 : Self Portrait
Create a Romero Britto inspired Self Portrait using a mirror, Mix skin tone, draw and decorate strengths elements.

Project 2 : My Fantastic Brain
Learn about your brain parts such as Brain stem, cerebrum, Cerebellum, Frontal Cortex, Parietal lobes, Hippocampus and most importantly Amygdala the monkey in your brain. Craft them all in the way you will understand. Make an accordion book, moulding a monkey out of clay.

Project 3 : Graffiti Name Board
Learn to print brick patterns and create bubble letters. Shine kindness using glitter.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 22 × 5 cm


  • For Subscription Box: Each box has 3 Art Projects and is supported with Video tutorials. Children will have fun learning Emotional Intelligence techniques whilst exploring new art mediums and accessories with easy-to-follow instruction to help them make it on their own. Discover a new feeling in every box with a video tutorial. Children will collect badges for each feelings discovered and do one activity; such as calm down bottle, scented notes, imessage jigsaw
  • For Single Project: Each box has 1 Art Project and is supported with Video tutorials. Children will have fun learning Emotional Intelligence techniques whilst exploring new art mediums and accessories with easy-to-follow instruction to help them make it on their own.


The time needed to complete the craft can vary for each project and each child. The recommended time to complete each craft is 2 hours.


Yes, except for common materials such as stationery (pencils and erasers) and paint brushes. It will be listed in the Art Instructional Flyer (Supplies Needed at Home).

We strongly suggest that you get the Brainbow Starter Kit as it is a One-Stop Kit that equips you with all the supplies needed to start creating Arts & Crafts with our Brainbow Box!


Art and creation can be a wonderful therapeutic experience for a child developing their emotional intelligence and emotional regulation skills.

In every project, we will first introduce a child friendly topic that contains EQ components and skills, and an Art & Craft Project later on that aligns and connects with what they have learned earlier.

Our Storytelling is done by our ISEI qualified coach Denee. We engage children via role play and narrative storytelling.

An example: The chosen topic of the day would be “Good Character”. The Brainbow Box will then have a theme that resonates with the topic. Using “Ocean” as our theme, we combine both “Good Character” and “Ocean”, hence the objective of our box: “Dive Into Your Character”.

What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and why is it so important? Why should we teach our children emotional intelligence?

Research has shown that “students with higher emotional intelligence are better prepared in managing their emotional lives, and because of that, they can focus, learn and do their best in school.” (Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence). We should never underestimate the way our children understand the world from a very young age. Their brains grow at such a rapid rate, constantly noticing, reacting and adapting to their environment based on their emotional experiences.

After understanding all these, it then poses a question. So, why do we put so much emphasis on teaching our children multiple academic subjects and day to day activities – and we neglect giving them emotional education that can dramatically improve the quality of their lives?

  • When you teach kids emotional intelligence, you are teaching them how to recognise their feelings, understand where they come from, and making them learn how to deal with such. 
  • You are ultimately teaching them the most essential skill for success in life.
  • Emotions matter for all of us, and most especially for children. How we feel affects our learning, the decisions we make, how we treat others and our own personal well-being.
  • Children who learn how to do this have better results in school, an increased attention span, and reduced anxiety and depression. Helping our children develop their own emotional intelligence massively contributes to their individual success and well-being.

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