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90 Minutes Weekly Project And Daily Habit-changing Practice To Transform Your Child’s Mindset Through EQ

Give your child the gift of confidence and resilience
with this neuroscience-based Brainbow Box.

Take A Peek Inside Ages 3-6


Every month, your child will receive 3 new projects, with all the materials and
video instructions for hours of hands-on fun and learning and emotional intelligence growth.

Kids have big emotions and need a healthy outlet.
Thousands are already using Brainbow Box.

Neuroscience-based approach

Brainbow Kids lessons are crafted by our Emotional Intelligence (ISEI)® and certified NLP Practitioner founder who uses proven Neuroscience principles to help your child grow into a confident, happy, fulfilled person.

Lifelong skills

Kids often experience big emotions that can be overwhelming. Brainbow Box helps them respond to those emotions in a healthy way

Fun and Engaging

Your child will discover 3 new art projects and 1 new feeling every month through engaging videos, inspirational stories, and new art techniques and mediums.

Help Your Child Reach Their Full Potential

" Does this sound like your child? "

By giving them the right tools, we help them better understand their brain and learn the importance of positive self-talk.
We can help them grow into confident, happy, fulfilled adults.
Brainbow Box helps your child gain the benefits of EQ

Take A Peek Inside Ages 7+


Every month, your child will receive 3 new projects, with all the materials and
video instructions for hours of hands-on fun and learning and emotional intelligence growth.

Hear from our current students

Lin Cheng


“My kid has been with Brainbow Kids for many years. She still loves it now and enjoys the lessons. The studio has a dedicated principal who is passionate about educating and caring for students. Each Project has a balanced blend of enlightening the kids about the right way to think and building confidence.”

Suran Maheshvaran


Brainbow Kids is beyond Arts & Crafts. It teaches children about behavior, positive attitude & respect in the art they do, the activities, and stories. My kids have benefited a lot from their teaching/concept and to date, they continue to benefit from Brainbow Kids. They have an amazing principal/team that goes above and beyond to ensure they meet the kid’s needs. 🥰

Mum of 3


“This must be the best money I have ever spent on my child! I am really excited about receiving our box each month and believe it’s going to help my child overcome some of their struggles and give them amazing emotional life skills. 

I wish my parents had bought me a box like this when I was younger! .”

Mental fitness for the future

World-class Social & Emotional Learning Program Delivered To You

“ How to Enroll? ”

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Rainbow Adventure (3-6)

SuperPower Me (7+)

What’s the science behind it?

Experiential learning in a digital world. Rewiring your child’s brain one project at a time.

Experiential learning means learning from experience or learning by doing. Experiential education first immerses learners in an experience and then encourages reflection about the experience to develop new skills, new attitudes, or new ways of thinking.

A different theme every month
3 unique projects
One feeling discovered
So your child never gets bored!


And pair it with High Quality Engaging Videos and Activities


Your child will be able to listen and watch experienced coaches and artists explain each
topic in a fun and engaging way as they are going through their Brainbow Box projects

This creates a powerful multisensory experience that allows them to absorb information
faster and more effectively.

What age is the Brainbow Box for?
We recommend Brainbow Box for ages 3-15, although we’ve seen great success with older children and grown-ups too.

Do you have free shipping options?
Yes! We have the free shipping options for 3 months above subscription plans. Our shipping rates are very affordable

Do parents need to accompany their children?
No, we have seen children 5+ working independently. Every step has been planned to be child-friendly. Projects are separated by bags, QR code is on the flyer in each bag, materials for each project are packed separately, videos are any device friendly, video instructions are step by step.

Helping all children better recognize, understand, label, express & regulate their emotions!