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Brainbow Box is a box that brings joy of creativity. Though small, it is mighty. It teaches, and it allows every child to create their own rainbow in their life. How?, you might ask. Well, it takes sunshine and rain to make a rainbow; likewise how it’ll take good times (sunshine) and the bad times (pouring rain) to create a resilient, sharp- witted child. Through Brainbow Box, children will learn to be happy through colours. They will understand that every colour(feelings) in their life matters.
We bring neuroscience into the learning process through unique and engaging coaching methods.
Your child will experience a unique theme each month.

Rainbow Adventure (3-6 years old)
During every class, a thematic based learning topic will be shared. Topic varies every week, but it is centred around a particular topic, theme or idea, allowing children to be exposed to everything around them.
Activities such as trivia, games and interactive music time are some of the highlighted activities in class. Various art techniques and mediums are introduced in our fun Art & Craft Project that aligns with what they have learned on that day so it better retains in their mind and memory.

Children will end the class with a storytelling session reading award winning books to facilitate the holistic social emotional development of your child. Topics such as Emotion — Feelings, Empathy, Respecting mysefl and others, Honesty, Grit, Responsiblity are a few.

SuperpowerMe (7-15 years old)
During every class, a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) topic will be shared storytelling, humorous content and interactive elements Topic such as Mindfulness, Empowered Choices, Growth, Mindset and Anxiety varies every week, allowing children to be exposed to every feeling they feel. From learning to be kind, to understanding why it is normal to get upset, all the topic shared will allow children to understand themselves better. This in turn will inspire children to want to be a better version of themselves. Children will then end the class with a fun and engaging Art & Craft Project that aligns with what they have learned on that day so it better retains in their mind and memory.

You can either sign-up for our one-off art project OR you can opt to purchase a termed subscription of monthly, 3-months OR 6-months from our store!

All of our designers come from different backgrounds; our team of in-house experts which includes parents, art enthusiast, engineers, educators and child development professionals because we believe in diversity and inclusion. We all have our differences, but in our similarities, it brings us all to a common ground; bringing fun, fresh, and new ideas onto the table of Brainbow Kids.

Once the Brainbow Box have been created, they are then reviewed by our advisory board which includes highly respected professionals in education, developmental psychology, art, and science to ensure that we’re delivering developmentally appropriate and enriching projects!

Our Brainbow Box allows your child to learn through “play-theory + action”. This helps your child to be creative and engaged throughout their adventure with their box! Through their journey, they will learn the meaning of growth. They will test themselves, and through their failure(s) they will learn, and they will grow from it. Your child will learn to turn their failures into positive learning experiences.

Every box theme is rigorously tested with kids to ensure that projects are engaging, fun and universally appealing. We also ensure that the instructions provided are clear and easy to understand. We go through this design process every month to make sure that your child has the most innovative projects delivered right to your doorstep!

Studies have shown that using the right COLOURS at the correct areas can affect our feelings, behaviour, attention and even attention span when learning. So it’s time we leverage on all that beneficial information to our advantage and present it all in our Brainbow Box!
We keep our Brainbow Boxes fun-sized! Or in other words, COMPACT so it can be easily brought around and doesn’t take up much space to store! One small but COMPLETELY powerful box that opens the door to all your imagination and creativity.

Learn through interactive proven neuroscience-based coaching videos and engaging hands-on activities by our “Brain Coach” to help your child develop Self-Efficacy, build Resilience, practice mindfulness, gain lasting mental strength and to thrive in life.
FEELINGS are being discovered through NEUROSCIENCE (NLP) topics that are shared in every class. This helps children to understand themselves and their feelings, to open up, to make decisions, to understand others, to express themselves and many more.
Activities are then done via ARTand CRAFT as it is much more fun and engaging as an activity rather than the usual writing and learning.

Each box has 3 Art Projects and is supported with VIDEO TUTORIALS. Children will have fun learning Emotional Intelligence techniques whilst exploring new ART MEDIUMS and accessories with easy to follow instruction to help them make it on their own.
MATERIALS provided inside are all friendly to use and easy to open. Minimal to no help is required. A checklist and a completed picture of the craft will be given as well. That will give your child an overall idea of how the craft will turn out, allowing them time to plan the steps that will be needed to take.

The Future is Emotionally Intelligent. Like and Follow our Brainbow Kids Instagram page and Facebook page to join our Brainbow Parenting Support Group to learn how to connect with your kids and guide them to become independent, resilient and someone with great problem-solving skills!
And not only is each box filled with a whole ton of really fun and creative stuff, but kids are encouraged to look back and talk about what they’ve learned and how they can give back to their community

Each box has 3 Art Projects and is supported with Video tutorials. Children will have fun learning Emotional Intelligence techniques whilst exploring new art mediums and accessories with easy to follow instruction to help them make it on their own.

As a Bonus, we also discover a new feeling in every box with video tutorial. Children will collect badges for each feelings discovered and do one activity; such as calm down bottle, scented notes, imessage jigsaw.

The time needed to complete the craft can vary for each project and each child. The reconmended time to complete each craft is 2 hours.

All of our Brainbow Boxes have been thoroughly evaluated and have passed our creative (and fun!) standards for the designed age group. As a parent myself, I understand the importance of product quality and it’s something we at Brainbow Kids take incredibly seriously. Above all, the safety of the kids who uses and play with our products is our highest priority. If you have any further queries or concerns, feel free to let us know by contacting our customer care team at support@brainbow-kids.com

Yes, except for common materials such as stationaries (pencils and erasers) and paint brushes. It will be listed in the Art Instructional Flyer (Supplies Needed at Home).
We strongly suggest that you get the Brainbow Starter Kit as it is a One-Stop Kit that equips you with all the supplies needed to start creating Arts & Crafts with our Brainbow Box!

The video provided consists of the neuroscience topic, activties and detailed steps and techniques that are required for the craft. This will enable your child to work independently with the help of our experienced teacher via the video so you can sit back and relax! Having said that, you can also decide to watch it first and beforehand so that you can explain it to your child without having them watch the video for some parent-child bonding time. Its perfect either ways!

Our aim is to make each and every box appeal to a range of children, even to those with varying support needs. We always welcome feedbacks, so parents would often send us one, letting us know whether their child with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) has enjoyed the activities in the box. To date, all feedbacks has been positive and wonderful. However, if your child did not seem to engage with the box, we’d love to hear about it and how you think we can improve on it.

No, you do not have to. As much as we are confident that you’ll love your Brainbow Box, we also understand that these are uncertain times for everyone. Because of this, we’d like to give you flexibility for this. You can unsubcribe anytime via your account on the website or email us at support@brainbow-kids.com.

Emotional Intelligence is being able to monitor our own and others’ feelings and emotions, to discriminate among them, and to use this to guide our thinking and actions (Salovey and Mayer, 1990).

The concept of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has become a central topic of psychological research in recent years. It has been understood that EQ affects one’s individual and professional success in life – quality of one’s relationship, happiness, the feeling of fulfilment in life, they are all highly determined by the individual’s EQ level.
EQ developing programs have proved that meaningful positive outcomes like better self-image, less behavioural problems, better relationships with other peers and adults, higher academic achievements and significant impact in physical and mental health.
Investing in early childhood’s emotional and social development has a substantial benefit for the entire society, states economy and sociology. Yale University Centre for Emotional Intelligence has stated that “Emotions drive learning, decision making, creativity, relationships, and health.” Dr. Daniel Goleman, a thought leader in the field and author of Emotional Intelligence states that “IQ alone is no more the measure for success; it only counts for 20%, and the rest goes for Emotional and Social Intelligences, and luck.”

What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and why is it so important? Why should we teach our children emotional intelligence?

Research has shown that “students with higher emotional intelligence are better prepared in managing their emotional lives, and because of that, they can focus, learn and do their best in school.” (Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence). We should never underestimate the way our children understand the world from a very young age. Their brains grow at such a rapid rate, constantly noticing, reacting and adapting to their environment based on their emotional experiences.

After understanding all these, it then poses a question. So, why do we put so much emphasis on teaching our children multiple academic subjects and day to day activities – and we neglect giving them emotional education that can dramatically improve the quality of their lives?

When you teach kids emotional intelligence, you are teaching them how to recognise their feelings, understand where they come from, and making them learn how to deal with such. You are ultimately teaching them the most essential skill for success in life.

Emotions matter for all of us, and most especially for children. How we feel affects our learning, the decisions we make, how we treat others and our own personal well-being.

Children who learn how to do this have better results in school, an increased attention span, and reduced anxiety and depression. Helping our children develop their own emotional intelligence massively contributes to their individual success and well-being.

Of course! We’ve even had grandparents, young parents with toddlers and even teenagers who tell us how surprised they were because of how much they enjoyed it.

Remember, Brainbow Box isn’t just for kids! It’s for anyone and everyone, especially those young at heart 😉

Art and creation can be a wonderful therapeutic experience for a child developing their emotional intelligence and emotional regulation skills.

In every class, we will first introduce a child friendly topic that contains EQ qualities and skills, and an Art & Craft Project later on that aligns and connects with what they have learned earlier.

An example:
The chosen topic of the day would be “Good Character”. The Brainbow Box will then have a theme that resonates with the topic. Using “Ocean” as our theme, we combine both “Good Character” and “Ocean”, hence the objective of our box: “Dive Into Your Character”.

Keeping in mind the keywords and topic for this class, we will then name our 3 Art & Craft Projects accordingly.

An example of our first project, we will call it “Jelly Fish- Find Your Glow”. The objective of this art & craft project is to find your strengths in everything you do.

Formal Foundation in Art
Some of the art techniques that we will be introducing to children includes printmaking, various clay moulding techniques, sculpturing, drawing skills, glow-in-the-dark paint techniques, material transfer, beading, doodling, 2D/3D collage, yarn crafting, and painting using various painting techniques and mediums.

Emotional GPS
Raise Resilient Happier Kids. Mindset is EVERYTHING! Unleash through Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Expressive Art by our Brain Coach
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) includes 4 different pillars that determine our ability to navigate our emotional world.
These pillars includes: Self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy (“other-awareness”), and social skills.
Sub-topics includes: Good Character, Emotions, Empathy, Respect, Honesty, Bravery, Grit, Social Skills, Anxiety, Responsibility, Healthy Communication Skills, Empowered Choices, Setting Boundaries, Siblings Rivalry, Procrastination, Growth Mindset, Self-Esteem, Resilience, Negative Thoughts, OCD, Mindfulness, and Gratitude.

Design Thinking
The most effective kind of learning is when different content areas are connected. Cross-curricular learning experience provide opportunity for students to make real world connections. Children learn about how the process of something is just as important, if not more important, than the product. It just really helps create more of that well-balanced, critical-thinking person that we want for our future..
Our Brainbow Box contains child friendly themes like Weather, Space, Ocean, Fantasy, Science and Technology, All About Me, Humanitarian, Feelings, Senses, Animals, Community Helper, Museum, Artist, Music, Plants, Sports, Construction, and many more to

Life Coaching is about supporting our kids in living their best lives. A life coach helps kids develop the skills, confidence and ability to thrive in life. When kids experience setbacks and disappointments, most of them would often get down on themselves or just “give up” because it is not only easier to do so, but also because they do not have the necessary skills to handle them.

A life coach doesn’t tell your child what to do. Instead, we use a variety of fun tools from arts and crafts and role play which gently brings out your child’s feelings without the need for them to describe, because often, children don’t know and can’t understand “why” they have these feelings.

We help them make sense of their thoughts and emotions, empowering them with knowledge, making them understand that they are responsible for their behaviour and that they have a choice how to “be”.

Life Coaching incorporates “Mindset Training” which is about using the power of your mind and your thoughts to develop strong and healthy components needed for mental balance and stability. This kind of core strength gives you the power you need to act on what is in line with your innermost values. It also helps to enhance your self-awareness. This all translates as helping children to stay true to who they are without feeling the need to compromise or change who they are to fit in.

All in all, life coaching helps kids to be more empowered in their own lives so they can handle those up’s and down’s more effectively. They are able to explore their self-responsibility which helps them to see that they have choices and can actually exert more control over their lives than they may have first imagined.

Yes, they are! Protecting the planet for the next generation is just as important to us as helping children with their wellbeing.

We source specialised art and craft materials from eco-friendly brands, so our Brainbow Box can either be used as a storage box or it can simply be recycled. Not only that, our Brainbow Bag is biodegradable and recyclable as well!

As we all know, climate change is real and it threatens to transform the world as we know it. Knowing that we are all somehow responsible for climate change, we must also be part of the solution. To offset carbon footprint, we will contribute a portion of the sale from each box that you purchase to APE Malaysia (Animal Projects & Environment Education) to plant trees at the Lower Kinabatangan, Sabah.


Coaching is for parents beset by feelings of overwhelm and struggle, parents baffled by their child’s behavior, parents looking to bolster their parenting “tool box”, parents committed to parenting intentionally and examining their own parenting choices, and/or parents simply looking to take their family’s life from good to great. It’s for parents that have read every parenting book out there and are struggling to make sense of them or find what works for them, and parents who have no time or interest in reading any parenting books and do better working one-on-one with a guide. Coaching is as individualized as the client!

As a coach, I work collaboratively and co-constructively with my clients to help them live into their best selves and their ideal futures for themselves, their children, and their family as a whole. I help my clients identify what is currently working in their homes and help them figure out ways to “grow the positives.” I am energized by each of my clients and this helps me to show up and be present as my true self as I provide accountability and action steps to help you realize your dream future. We will spend time identifying your unique strengths and how we can harness those strengths to tackle whatever challenges you are facing. And although I have knowledge and training, we will work together to craft solutions that work for you and your family; after all, you are the expert on your family just as I am the expert on mine. I may make suggestions or provide information where needed, but I will never dictate how things should be done. You and I will be in partnership throughout the change process as we craft creative, sustainable, and sometimes outside-the-box solutions so that you can experience long-term success.

In truth, there can be many similarities between them depending on the style of any given practitioner in either field. However, as a general matter, therapy is focused on interpersonal health and identifiable issues, such as depression or anxiety. Its attention tends to be retrospective, addressing and repairing damage from earlier experiences. In contrast, coaching is typically future based, and tends to be more “goal directed, action based, and outwardly defined.” In coaching, the coach and client tend to work in a collaborative partnership where, although the coach may have expertise and make suggestions, the solutions are generated as a team within which the client takes responsibility for his or her own process and outcomes. Coaching provides more flexibility in theory and practice to help spur clients into action and move them forward in a positive direction. For more information see Hart, V. et al. (2001). “Coaching Versus Therapy: A Perspective.” Consulting Journal: Practice and Research, Vol. 53 (No. 4), pp 229-37.

No! Parenting is the toughest job any of us take on and we are all doing our best—the fact that you are on this website tells me you care deeply about that. We can only do as well as we can do, and when we know more we can do better. A coach should absolutely not serve to judge your parenting or make you feel bad or guilty for past decisions. A coach should be a partner and a guide in helping you learn different approaches to your parenting that will help you bring more love, joy, and connection to your family. I have no stake in the outcome (like a friend or family member might) of our time together, so I am able to cheer you on from the sidelines without feeling attached to how you get there. My job is simply to help you see the big picture and then design personal action steps to help you fit all the pieces of your individual and family puzzle together in a way that helps you experience your most authentic self!


Monthly subscriptions are RM165 per month for a Brainbow Box. (Shipped out every month). You can receive a discount on the “per-box” price by signing up for a 3 months (14% off) or 6 months (26% off) subscription. To enjoy the discounts, it has to be paid in-full at checkout. (Savings are calculated based on the price of a single box.) To order, visit the page and click “Subscribe Now”.

We do not have an option to select which themes are sent each month. We like to keep our box themes a surprise!

All boxes are designed and tested for the specified age range and include projects, bonus inspiration and more! Boxes are assigned each month based on your box history, to ensure that you do not get the same box twice. So, not all subscribers receive the same theme each month.

As we like to keep our box themes a surprise, we will not be offering any options on the box that will be sent to you each month. But, we assure you that you will LOVE IT as all our boxes are designed and tested for the specified age range.

Boxes are assigned each month based on your box history to ensure that you do not get the same box twice. This makes it extra special as not all subscribers will receive the same theme each month.

Each subscription is unique as each child will have their own subscription. You may subscribe for multiple children by first entering the Kids Name, selecting the Kids Age and then clicking the “Sign Up Now” button. You may repeat the steps for your other children. You may click View Cart or press the Cart icon button at here to view the subscription’s specified to your Kid’s Name.

Our boxes are designed for per child, but some families have children who share a box. Afterall, we always encourage teamwork!
Each box contains 3 Art & Crafts Projects that share a common box theme and is supported with video tutorials. Children will have fun learning Emotional Intelligence techniques whilst exploring new art mediums and accessories with easy to follow instructions to help them make it on their own.
Unfortunately, we do not offer any multi-child discount.

If you would like to ship multiple subscriptions to various shipping address, then each shipping address will require a separate order. Therefore, you may kindly need to proceed with multiple checkouts which would ship to different addresses.

Fret not! Our system is able to automatically identify new orders. If a child has received a subscription before, our system links the box histories from the past, present, and new subscriptions to ensure that we do not ship any duplicate box themes.

We have many box themes designed and available for shipment, so you can continue to renew a subscription without the risk of receiving duplicate box themes. If you ever do receive a duplicate crate, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to resolve your concerns.


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