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Embracing Abundance: A Journey of Self-Discovery

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“Popping in on a Wednesday Afternoon!

I want to ask you a question to reflect on: How do you react when something good happens in your life? How long do you celebrate, and how long do you bask in this feeling? When something good happens, we just sit with the feeling for a few minutes and move on to something else, most of the time to our next problem.

When something bad happens, we can dwell on it for days and keep analyzing how unfair the situation was and so on.

This type of behavior is called dwelling on negativity. It only amplifies our existing negativity bias. It’s healthy for us to experience all emotions; however, the problem arises when we dwell on negative experiences and do not move on from them. Meanwhile, we sometimes brush aside our positive events and don’t celebrate them enough. So, how do we amplify positive events and dwell on these positive feelings?”

Today, I want to share a personal story that touched my heart and left me with a profound understanding of abundance. We all have our moments of vulnerability and struggle with challenges that make us question our worth. But it’s during these very moments that we can discover the transformative power of staying calm amidst chaos and the magic of gratitude.

Life can be overwhelming, and one Saturday morning, it all seemed to come crashing down on me. With tears streaming down my cheeks, I turned to my husband, expressing my frustration and exhaustion. It felt like I was giving my all, but it was never enough. The never-ending responsibilities of operations, documentation, and marketing left me feeling drained and lost.

In the midst of my meltdown, a moment of clarity struck me; the problem wasn’t the circumstances around me, but rather my own mindset. I had been spreading myself too thin, never fully committing to anything, and feeling like I was everywhere but not truly present anywhere. To make matters worse, I had developed limiting beliefs about abundance, doubting whether it was meant for me and believing that money was scarce since I was always told there isn’t enough when I was growing up.

Life has its way of sending us messages in the most unexpected ways. On that fateful day, I stopped by a Nasi Lemak stall on my way to work, eyeing on the kuih keria and curry puffs. With my heart set on the sweet kuih keria, I reached into my wallet only to find it empty. Embarrassed, I apologized to the makchik, explaining my situation and asking to cancel my order. But instead of being upset, she offered the food to me for free, urging me not to worry about the money. I was taken aback by her kindness and generosity. God comes in many forms and in this situation, it was the nasi lemak stall’s makchik. The next day I returned to buy another packet of kuih keria and at the same time pay for the kuih from previous day but she could not remember that she did not take money from me. I will let your imagination decide what this message means:)

This act of kindness was a divine message from the universe. It made me rethink abundance; it’s not just about money or material possessions, but also the love we share, the relationships we cherish, the food that nourishes us, the friends and family who support us, and the wisdom we gain from life’s lessons. Abundance exists in every aspect of our lives; we only need to open our hearts and recognize it. Money is an energy and it’s a current that is constantly flowing bringing all these opportunities of love, people, and wisdom to us. What is the size of your money river? Mine was nearly invisible. 

To nurture this newfound perspective, my family and I began a beautiful ritual of writing daily gratitudes together. I used to do this practice alone at 4 am every morning but slowly the habit faded off. We used to think we practice gratitude because we pray but we never put it down on paper or sat down to talk about this every day. At first, it was challenging to put our feelings into words, but over time, it became a heartwarming practice. We sang our gratefulness into songs, reflected on our days, and felt the positive energy infuse our home with love and joy. Our communication improved, and a sense of happiness enveloped us.

In conclusion, embracing abundance is about finding contentment in the richness of life, even during difficult times. It’s about appreciating the blessings that surround us and choosing to stay calm amidst the chaos. Our words hold immense power, and by cultivating an abundance mindset, we can inspire positivity, hope, and transformation in ourselves and others.

So, let’s embrace abundance with open hearts, recognizing the treasures that exist in our lives; love, relationships, food, friends, family, responsibilities, wisdom, and new adventures. And remember, abundance comes in many forms, and each one enriches our journey through life.

I strongly encourage you to do a gratitude list with your children during bedtime or in the morning. You can find a template of Brainbow Kids’ Daily Gratitude Journal in this message. Also, having an emergency boost to help you unblock your creative energy; mine is singing; I sing out what I wish to communicate to others. My students and Brainbow teachers know this. 🙂

I did my best.

Today, I did everything I could with what I had.

I am letting go because today is ended, and there is nothing else I can do.

I am here. I am present.

I am letting go of all my worries.

I am letting go of the heaviness in my shoulder.

I am letting go of my inner critic.

I accept everything that happens, my mistakes, and everyone’s mistakes.

In the end, life happens for me, and I am grateful for every experience.

What I feel right now creates my future.

I feel love, I feel peace, I feel gratitude.

I feel gratitude for all the lessons, all the challenges, and all the good things that made me smile.

There is nothing else to do today but to let go.”

The Team is taking home their gratitude list for tonight and I hope you will too.

Love, Denee

Nandhini Sivanna

Nandhini Sivanna

Nandhini Sivanna is an ISEI certified coach. She is the founder of Brainbow Kids. Brainbow Kids builds resilient children through EQ practices via art craft and storytelling.

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