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Does Punishment work?

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A lot of parents struggle with managing their kids’ challenging behaviour

What’s the solution?

What do we do?

How do we “fix” this?

Well, our kids don’t need fixing. Neither do we.

We just need to adjust the way we COMMUNICATE so we can CONNECT more deeply.

Then, and only then, you’ll see a complete shift in your child’s behaviour.


Many say I was hit as a child and I turned out fine. 

Well These are my thoughts


Definition of revenge: To inflict punishment in return for (injury or insult). So punishment and revenge… are the same thing?

Do not understand why Punishments Do not work?

What happens when we use power for punishment?

  1. Punishments can further escalate unwanted behaviour. 
  2. Punishment doesn’t necessarily teach what to do instead
  3. Punishment doesn’t consider the reason behind the behaviour
  4. Punishment is less effective, each time you use it
  5. Punishment creates a negative relationship with your children
  6. Punishment is often poorly timed
  7. Impacts your child’s self-esteem


Watch the video to understand 7 reasons why Punishment don’t work

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Nandhini Sivanna

Nandhini Sivanna

Nandhini Sivanna is an ISEI certified coach. She is the founder of Brainbow Kids. Brainbow Kids builds resilient children through EQ practices via art craft and storytelling.

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