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5 simple tools to boost resilience in your child

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Hui Tian joined us in 2018. Every one of us has fears. Fear of heights, Fear of Failure. I know I am overcoming my Fear of Success. Hui Tian had fear of failure. I remember very well when she used to cry over her artwork until it tore. The pandemic hasn’t been easy on any of us especially our children, some of them had to start off their school journey online. Some don’t like to see themselves on the screen, some prefer to type in the chat. It’s painful to watch.

Last week, Hui Tian’s light bulb that she received for her artwork broke. She thought of an idea. She used the resources she had with her. She used the light bulb she got for Fairy Garden craft. This is Resilience. This is what we do in Brainbow. Today Artwork. Tomorrow when they are on their own figuring out what to do when they are alone and we are not there to rescue them. Keep going, children! You are our inspiration.

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